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Privacy Policy
Collect customer information to enhance your shopping experience. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what information we collect when you visit one of our shops or our website, how we use and share information, and we have to protect this information. This privacy statement applies to any of our stores and our website to collect information. Reference should generally refers to all sites, including mobile applications.

1. General Browsing Information
To collect navigation information for each visitor to use our website. In the process of gathering navigational information, the non-personally identifiable information (ie domain type, browser version, service provider and IP address) may be collected. The navigation information about the visitors, including the most visited area of ​​our website or page last visited our website when using our site. It also tells us about our website and technical efficiency of the services (ie the time it takes a visitor to connect to our website or download the page). Navigation information can help us better understand the experience of visitors, and by identifying and providing more features, services and products our visitors prefer to improve the experience.
2. Personal Information
You may be asked to provide personal information when you create or update an account, sign up for the rewards program, or manage your reward account, create a wish list, please register or manage your SMS alerts, placed in-store order, enter a contest or sweepstakes , survey participants showed that online shopping, check orders or view the historical status of orders, to provide an understanding of our products, procurement review and send a gift card or eGift cards, search our site for the product or to provide relevant information on your shoes preferences . Various types of information collected include name, address, e-mail address, the recipient's name and email address, Rewards number, order information (you can use personal information when you register a reward, or update your account to provide relevant Union), telephone number, credit / debit card information, birth month and day, you review our products, you create saved searches, preferred brand, message, or reminder.

We use personal information collected
We use the following purposes from your online or in stores for the personal information collected:
Available for your ordered product, created to satisfy your request, and process your return or exchange;
Understand your needs and preferences, possible through research, product evaluation or biscuits;
Development, promotion and marketing of products and services, and customize your site, you benefit your experience;
You order or delivery of products or recipient to encounter difficulties when;
DSW management and development of business and operations, management accounts, collect and process payments;
Respond to your inquiries;

We will send updates about the membership rewards program, reward yourself, and our products, promotions and activities; and
By providing us with your various communication channels about our products or website, providing information, including adding you an email list or telephone and e-mail marketing lists of our customers, when you sign up for an account, registered the award, or make a purchase.

If you create or modify an account, you can save personal information in the account, such as name, shipping and billing address and credit / debit card information, we will access the stored information, allowing you to shop more efficient. Any "token" credit / debit card information will be used for security purposes, encryption. We also ask you to create and / or access your account using a variety of services on site, including the creation of a product review. Because you have to create or to create a review before accessing your account, which is to examine the possible link, we can provide you with you. Your opinion of this product include: information may be used to improve our products and our personalized products to you.

If you want to stop the delivery of future promotional e-mail (including rewards and wish list) at any time, follow the removal instructions at the bottom of each message. He asked us to stop future promotional e-mail sent will not prevent you from receiving and placing orders online at any e-mail communication, the request by a friend to participate in surveys about our products forwarded to your e-mail communications or other operations email, tell us about you The product.

We share information with third parties
Through a third party to help us provide you with services, such as fulfilling orders, processing payments, monitoring online activities, conducting investigations, maintaining our database to process gift cards and eGift card orders ?? e-mail management, co-brand credit card programs and manage drawings or contests. Third parties provide the performance of our website to us, a select group of summary comparative information.

If after purchase you choose to participate in the investigation or review, you will provide it to who we used to deal with third-party product reviews. Product evaluation and review of the rules may be noted on this website, some possibly through other communication channels, including publishing, but not limited to e-mail, television and directories.

E-mail address on the shop or collected on this site will be shared with third-party service providers and co-brand partners. If you provide your email address to us (including update your email information), as long as you have not opted out of receiving our marketing message, your e-mail address, you can also collaborate with other companies after 4/7/2008 brand partners to share, so that these companies can send information about their products or its affiliates products and services to you.

In addition, it may be some independent companies who will link you to our website, which may include the purchase of approved participation. Third party links We may share your personally identifiable information collected to our website. Is not responsible for such third party to provide these privacy protections chain ?? then we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third parties.
You should be aware that we may disclose, if necessary, for your information law to do so is based on our good faith belief that it is necessary to enforce or apply our Website Terms and conditions of use, meets or law or necessary to protect satisfy our website or other users.

If there had been a merger, acquisition or the acquisition of another business entity, part or all of your personal information collected will be shared with the entity, and retained by the Director of Social Welfare.

Cookies and Pixel Tags
What are cookies and pixel tags and how we use cookie and pixel tags on our website?
Use is called a cookie browser features. Cookie is a Web browser on your computer to store data files. Cookies are used to help track your clicks and pass information you browse This makes it by providing a better, more personalized experience to you, make our site more responsive to your needs. We also use a technique called pixel tags or clear GIF technology. Pixel tags are stored in a web page or in an email almost invisible pixel-sized graphic images. Pixel tags can be used to collect information about your visit is the same as the information collected by the cookie. Pixel tag can also be used to help us confirm your receipt and respond to our email and we offer you a more personalized experience. Also we use cookies and pixel tags to let you how many items into your shopping bag track and remember you when you return to Cookies and pixel tags allow us to browse and navigation information from your visit to our website provide personal information linked.

Do we share cookies and pixel tags with third-party information?
We may 4/7/2008 and after other companies to share, through the use of non-trading behavior of cookies and pixel tags to collect data
How to use third-party cookies and pixel tags on our website?
We carefully select third-party advertising companies and let them by placing cookie and pixel tags, when you choose to visit them when you visit the collection of non-personally identifiable information. These selected companies may use information about your visit and select your visit to our website and other sites information (not including your name, address, credit / debit card information, e-mail address or phone number) to provide this advertising about products and services and other websites. These selected companies also provide this information to us, we use it to measure them our products and services and for the marketing purposes of advertising effectiveness. If you want to learn more information about this practice and to understand these companies no longer have to use or provide us with these third-party cookie and pixel tag selection information, click here.

We also choose a company that will help us better understand your use of our site. These companies will visit our website on your computer's cookie and pixel tags to collect information on our behalf, and can also take advantage of a network error. These companies will use both third-party and first-party Cookie and pixel tags. Prevent third parties from providing domain cookie and pixel tag does not prevent the first-party Cookie and pixel tags. These companies collect information taught us that such things as search engines recommend how you target on our website, driving traffic through banner ads, e-mail response, identify unique visitors, as well as browse and buy information products, enabling us to more better serve your interests and provide you with a more personalized product offerings. These companies are not allowed to charge the credit card, user name or password information. Collect on behalf of our analysis of the information and return to. Ratio may allow the use of data collected on an aggregate basis, etc., these services are required to keep all information collection and analysis of information on this trust. As a visitor, you have to browse and purchase on our website option to disable the ability to analyze these companies. You can also choose to continue to improve the shopping experience and from this analysis allows us to provide you with benefit. Because of this exit depends on Cookie, if you delete the Cookie, you will need to opt out again. To learn more about the various levels of privacy and confidentiality you can select and exercise your options for these companies, click here.

Update your personal information
We prefer to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. To do this, we offer you the opportunity to update or modify your personal information, including log in to your account billing and shipping information.

Children's Privacy on our website
Our site is a general audience site, which is our goal, our website only by people over the age of 13 are used to ensure compliance with federal laws and will not knowingly collect or maintain children under the age of 13 provided information.
Links to other sites and services
For your convenience, our website may contain links to other sites. Not necessarily appear in the link or be deemed to imply that we endorse any affiliation with the linked site. It is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites. We encourage you to review each site you visit an independent privacy policies.

Security Statement
Take the following types of security measures: use of technologies and policies such as limited data centers, firewall technology and Secure Sockets Layer certificate authentication.

We designed to accept only accepted from Cookie and allowed to pass through a Secure Sockets Layer Web browser (SSL) technology to communicate orders. SSL is an encryption technology, and information is being transmitted over the Internet to provide security.

While we realize this website the top security measures, you should be aware that 100% security is impossible.
Your California Privacy Policy
Notes California Residents - Your California Privacy
The company's customer relationship process to collect all kinds of your personal information, including on-line and off-line. Under California law, if you are a California resident, you can submit a written request, the company asked us to share how direct marketing purposes for which your information with third parties. In response to your written request, the company is allowed to provide you with instructions free way to opt out of our sharing your information with third parties after the notice that we do not share the same brand name, if a third party will use its own direct marketing purposes .

The company has chosen to provide you with a free way to reject this kind of sharing, you can complete our third-party direct marketing opt-out form to complete. If you want to instruct us who will not share it with third-party direct marketing purposes of your personal information.