Canadian Tire Coupon and Price Matching Policy

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Shoppers have varied success at Canadian Tire when it comes to using manufacturers coupons and price matching. Truly, YMMV at this store. Some locations honor coupons, some don’t. Some locations will do price matching, some don’t. You might even have success coupon stacking at your location, but chances are you won’t.

The issue is that there is no corporate coupon policy for Canadian Tire, as each location is independently-owned.

What follows is the Canadian Tire coupon and price matching policy.

Canadian Tire Coupon and Price Match Policy

Canadian Tire stores are individually owned and operated. We do not have a policy regarding manufacturers coupons. If a Canadian Tire store chooses to accept a manufacturers coupon it is at their discretion.

If the coupon is used all of the restrictions listed on the back of the coupon must be followed, such as limiting the quantity or not able to use with any other offer. If the coupon is for $1.00 and the product is only $0.97, we do not provide you with a refund. you would receive the product for free.

Should a coupon be printed from a manufacturer’s website and deemed acceptable to use, it is up to the discretion of the store to accept the coupon. Most coupons are acceptable to use unless they specifically state that copies, facsimiles, modified or altered coupons cannot be used as an original coupon.

Canadian Tire does not offer store coupons, we provide discounts on products in our weekly flyers.

Canadian Tire prides itself in offering our customers quality products at competitive prices and we stand behind our prices with our Price Match Guarantee. We will match any local competitor’s price on an identical item and give you an extra 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire ‘Money’. This includes competitors’ sale prices.

Bankruptcies, clearance sales, wholesalers and retail websites are excluded. Please note that the competitor’s price must be verifiable and applies only at the time of original purchase.

Canadian Tire has attempted to match online prices to those in store, however online prices, product and service selection and availability, and sale effective dates may differ from those in store and may vary by geographic region. Due to differences in sale effective dates across the country, items may be available online at the sale price before they are available in store. Dealers are under no obligation to make promotional products available, or to match online prices until the sale begins in their region. Market conditions and competitive pressures may cause prices and availability to change without further notice. Canadian Tire Associate Dealers may sell for less.